Artologik Sales and Support closed for Midsummer


Friday June 22 is Midsummer’s Eve, a Swedish national holiday and the office is therefore closed.
We will be open on regular hours on Monday, June 25.

Have a nice Midsummer weekend!

The Artologik Team

Midsummer poem
Book your calendar for Friday the 22nd of June
and don’t be late ‘cause it’s coming very soon! 

It’s only during the longest day of the year, 
that you will experience such a magical atmosphere.
Surrounded by nature it is easy to perceive, 
how wonderful is the Swedish Midsummer’s Eve. 

When in the end of Spring, 
we can all proclaim “Midsummer is coming”!
Nature in full bloom is greatly celebrated,
except for mosquitos that are really not appreciated…

Meet all our Swedish friends in the countryside,
leave all the troubles and your city aside,
Everyone is welcomed as there is no age-limit
the only condition is to make this day a hit!

Sill, schnapps and first strawberries of the season
what to eat or not to eat - that is the question! 
More than a holiday it is a responsibility
to enjoy Midsummer since the 6th century.

Pick some flowers to decorate your hair,
and don’t forget that love is in the air
Around the maypole join the ring dances
the most Swedish of all traditional festivities

After dinner you can like in the old days,
dance and enjoy the start of these summer holidays
Hoping Midsummer’s Eve never comes to an end,
Artisan wishes you all a wonderful weekend!

~ Amandine Dumas, trainee at Artisan Global Media