Focus on... SR-Advanced Report

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The Survey&Report standard reports section provides powerful functions for creating both standard and custom reports. For users with special requirements we have also created a module for advanced reports. This plug-in contains four main functions.

The first function is the Report reader user role. Many large organizations need to be able to offer certain people the chance of making thorough analyses of a survey’s results. It could for instance be for an organization with geographically distinct sales regions where each regional sales director can view the reports for their region and their sales staff but not others. Another use could be for a municipality conducting surveys and letting each teacher view the results of their class, school or geographical area.


Another function contained in the module is the possibility to makecomparisons of different surveys. The purpose of this is to make it easy tocompare different surveys and survey questions. You search and add your selectedsurveys or survey questions and add them to your dataset. Then you build yourreport and can compare various topics quickly and easily.


The third function is Compute. This is an advanced calculation function for making deep and thorough statistical analyses. You can for example create a new variable that shows the mean value of a number of variables.


Finally, we have the Text analysis function, which lets you show the frequency of words, or categories of words, in the answers given to text variables, i.e. text questions, blank options and comments.


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