At Artisan we have extensive experience in creating solutions that make it easy to structure and streamline the daily work of organisations within both the private and the public sectors.

Our challenge is to deliver advanced yet easy to use and efficient IT solutions. A difficult balancing act we have perfected. Now it is routine.

Great solutions are always based on good cooperation - not only on good technology. It is essential to listen, understand and correctly analyse the situation for our clients. Therefore it is important that we speak a language that is understandable for everyone. 

That is how we make IT easy.


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User-friendliness is always our focus when developing our programs, but in spite of this some training might be needed in order to make use of the software to its full extent. What you need to know about the program naturally depends on how you are going to work with it – administrator or user? – and our experienced course leaders adapt the training after your organisation’s specific needs.   

Based on how your organisation works we plan which users that is to take part in the different stages of the training and where the focus should be.

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