Policies at Artisan

In our work we are always aiming at delivering the very best quality - and striving towards us having minimum impact on the environment. Here you can read more about our quality and environmental policies.

Quality Policy

Artisan Global Media shall deliver software, solutions and services of such high quality that they fully meet the intended function and comply with our customers' needs, requirements and expectations.

We ensure quality throughout our operations by:

  • rigorous testing of all software
  • systematically carrying out all project work according to predetermined rules and guidelines
  • following established schedules
  • developing and safeguading all the skills of the company
  • ensuring that every employee has a customer-oriented approach and puts our clients' requirements and expectations first

Environmental Policy

Artisan Global Media develop web-based solutions designed to simplify and streamline information flows. From an environmental perspective, this means that we help our clients use available resources in the most effective manner, i.e. to convey information digitally instead of via paper and mail. This way we help reduce both our own and our client's environmental impact and contribute to long-term community sustainability.
Some of our environmentally friendly activities are:

  • showing respect for natural resources through a restrained use of raw materials as well as sorting and recycling office materials, packaging and computers
  • choosing products that provide minimal environmental impact without sacrificing quality
  • minimising travel through the use of technical aid
  • minimising the environmental impact by choosing trains over cars as much as possible during business trips
  • using energy responsibly during all activities
  • prioritising cleaning companies that are certified according to ISO 14001
  • complying with laws and regulations concerning the environment and working towards continuous improvement in our own work