Company history

Artisan Global Media was founded in 1988. The owners had connections at Växjö University and hence the opportunity to follow the developments of the Internet early on.

In the beginning...
As one of the first customers, the Swedish School Board gives Artisan the task of creating a web site to match schools that are to work together in European projects. This was the start of the project and application PartBase. An important component of this project was to link a database to a website and this competence has been an important asset for the company ever since. Currently the European Commission owns and operates PartBase. The current version is from 1997 and over 30 000 European schools have used this service to find partners for their EU projects. PartBase is still being used and has thousands of visitors each month.  

Artisan Global Media move to Videum Science Park which is located next to Växjö University. Artisan develop several projects and products for the School Board, among other things a search system for ten audiovisual centres. By the end of the year there are about 30 customers of Artisan's web hosting services. 

  • Ericsson AB gives Artisan a mandate to develop a web-based requisition system.  
  • Artisan is a partner in the development of the first European school computer network, funded by the European Commission and Sweden.  

A production and sales office opens in Oskarshamn.  

  • Artisan Global Media introduce the Artologik series, seven standardised and pre-packaged programs that are characterised by our motto functionality and usability.
Framtidsvägen 12
  • The Växjö office space has become too small and the company moves into the newly built premises at Uppfinnaren, Videum Science Park.
  • Artisan signs a framework agreement with the State Treasury. The company expands and the number of employees is now 20. 
  • Artisan take the Artologik series abroad - The Belgian Cabinet Office buys a large license for Artologik HelpDesk. 
  • Artisan releases the first Artologik product built on an entirely new technology platform - Microsoft ASP.NET - the program is WebPublish

A new website is launched with new design and functionality. A couple of years later it also gets an adaptive interface for mobile devices.

Several big companies becomes customers to Artisan, all over the world. Customer adaptations to our programs has become one of our areas of expertise, something we are very proud of.
We sell, delvelop, support and operate everything ourselves, which in turn makes us able to help our customers quickly with no middle man.

The launch of new versions and development of all programs is done on a regular basis. All new program updates and new functions are presented on the website.

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