About the company

Artisan Global Media is an IT company with extensive experience in working with clients in the manufacturing, education and public sectors. We currently have 16 employees at our two offices in Växjö and Oskarshamn.


The company was founded in 1995 and ever since our focus has been web-based IT solutions. Today our main work is on the Artologik series which consists of a range of products that have been developed in-house. We also carry out advanced projects with web technology as a basis. In addition to this we offer high quality web and ASP hosting services.  

Our goal is to help make our customers' businesses more profitable by simplifying information flows. The hallmark of our solutions and applications is ease of use, functionality and efficiency. 

We believe in an absolute commitment to each client and project, from the first meeting to the final delivery and support.

Unlike many others in the industry, we have chosen to grow organically by our own merit, guided by our Småland wisdom and entrepreneurship. With hindsight, we see that the path we have taken might not be the easy way, but definitely the right way. Our development is both healthy and stable. That provides security for both my team and for our customers.  

Sören Strömberg