Business idea

Our overall mission is to create functional information solutions for global media.

Globe and computer mouse

At Artisan we develop our own software and provide consulting services in Internet technology. Our goal is to provide functional information solutions that simplify and streamline business processes for both private businesses and the public sector.

With Internet technology we create programmes which can be used by anyone, without any technical knowledge, to gather information and interact with colleagues or customers on a website or an intranet. Turning our solutions into software that is available for a wider market through the brands Artologik and Astrakan is a key strategy to make use of Artisan's skills and our programming code that has been developed in-house.

The aim of the software series Artologik and Astrakan is to create web-based solutions that simplifies and streamlines business processes in a global market.

A vital part of the business concept is Artisan's web and ASP hosting services. These have been important services for our customers ever since we started out in 1995. The goal is still to offer computing power via the global media.