Artisan is a company that focuses on web-based applications. Since our inception in 1995, we have helped many clients make their information flows more efficient. Over the years we have found that some solutions are sought after by many customers. Therefore, we have packaged them so that more people can benefit from them.


Artologik is a series of web-based applications. "So simple that they are actually being used" is what we use to say. Because that is what Artologik is about. Logical, affordable programs that do not come with an array of features you never use. In the Artologik series you can find software for time management, project management, surveys, support, internal bookings and web publishing. There are different versions for organisations of different sizes and with different budgets. The programs are available in several languages and sold in over 20 countries worldwide.


Astrakan is our second suite. These programmes come in standard versions that we adapt to each customer's requirements and needs. Because we start from a pre-packaged code base, we can offer our customers highly cost-effective solutions.