Survey filters – the easy way to get the data you need!

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BBS Handel in Hannover is a vocational school with 3 000 students that on a regular basis performs student and teacher surveys with Artologik Survey&Report. In order to be able to direct the questions they use the program’s filter function. Their teacher feedback surveys contain questions regarding all 80 teachers, but thanks to filters each student is only able to see and answer questions that concern the teachers who teach their classes.

“We use Survey&Report in the quality management and controlling of our school,” says Michael Wörner, Chair of Studies at BBS Handel. “Regular surveys for our students, professors and our training enterprises are conducted with the software. The fact that the program enables us to create and analyse surveys in a flexible way and thus facilitates our students to give anonymous personal feedback to their own teachers was the reason why we chose to use Artologik Survey&Report.”

With survey filters you decide which questions respondents shall answer, or which answer options they are to see, depending on how they have answered previous questions or which respondent category they belong to. It is possible to set two or several questions as conditions: If you for example have answered that you are a female and living in Sweden you see different answer options than a woman living in the UK. You can also decide alternative ways to fulfil a filter, where a certain question is shown if you have answered that you were born in the UK or living in UK temporarily.

Artologik Survey&Report also lets you create filters which specify the answer alternatives available on a given question. This means that you, having answered that you took part in a conference in Brighton, only can see the names of those who spoke in Brighton on the question “Which seminar did you find the most inspiring?“.

Would you like to know more about how you can work with filters? In the help texts, manual and product information sheets for Survey&Report you will find further information. You are also welcome to contact us!

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