Surveys on board with Survey&Report


During three September days Länstrafiken Kronoberg, responsible for all public transportation within Kronoberg County, performed a survey on board their busses by using tablets. The questions targeted customer satisfaction – how they perceive quality and service on the busses – and the response has been very positive.

“Our survey is a quality incitement for the entrepreneurs who drive for us and will be ongoing throughout the entire contractual period”, says Per-Åke Andersson, traffic engineer at Länstrafiken Kronoberg and responsible for the survey.

The survey will be made each quarter and the evaluation on a yearly basis. Whether or not the different bus companies have fulfilled the set quality and service demands will be determined by the customer replies. Companies who manages it will be rewarded.

“The two hosts who travelled with the busses during these three days had no problem finding people who wanted to answer the five questions”, says Per-Åke Andersson. “The response has been positive and thanks to the survey being replied on a tablet it has all been smooth and easy. We are very content!”
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