HD-Advanced: Link tickets together and increase efficiency

200x200_artBox3D_frontRight_Art13_HD.png [26kB png]

Do the support have many tickets with the same source? HD-Advanced allows you to make the work more efficient by connecting them into primary and associated tickets. In that way you can handle the tickets simultaneously and when you close the primary ticket, all customers are notified at once.

Working with associated tickets lessens the work load for the support and gives the customers more rapid responses. Imagine the following: The network is down and in ten minutes the IT support receives 27 tickets which all have the network breakdown as source. Out of these 27 tickets a primary ticket is created, whilst the other 26 are linked to it as associated tickets. This means that when the support staff notifies the person who registered the primary ticket that the network is up and running again, the 26 people who registered the associated tickets receives the same information. Furthermore, the solution you give the primary ticket is automatically inserted to all associated tickets.

We have previously written about how to work with support groups and delegating by using the plug-in HD-Advanced. If you missed the news text it can be found here.

Here you can read more about HD-Advanced and associated tickets, as well as its other functions.