Advanced question types with SR-Advanced Survey


Survey&Report lets you create professional surveys in an easy way. The tool offers over twenty different question types as standard and for the occasions when you are in need of more advanced question types the plug-in SR-Advanced Survey can be added. It makes it possible for you to create matrix side by side questions, as well as image maps.

Image map
Describing different answer alternatives with only words can sometimes be hard and for those occasions image maps are convenient. This means that an image is used in order to describe different alternatives and an example of this can be found here to the right. The question concerns where to place a new parking lot and instead of explaining the different possibilities in text, answer by clicking on any of the possible alternatives on the map. 

Matrix side by side
This is a question type which makes it possible to ask two questions regarding the same issue. An example could be a county wanting to examine its citizens views upon certain things – as for example school, health care, service – as well as how important the different areas are to the public. When the respondents have left their opinions a position chart with four fields can be created, showing the result in an easily viewable way.

Apart from advanced question types the plug-in SR-Advanced Survey contains the possibility to create survey specific login, export ID and the function to create paper surveys. Here you can read about how Swedish Region Gotland uses paper surveys in order to reach all of their different target groups.