HD-Advanced: Keep your promises with SLA

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With the plug-in HD-Advanced you can administer SLA (Service Level Agreement) in HelpDesk. The function allows you to certify that the agreements toward customers regarding ticket handling times are kept. It can also be used for internal follow-ups. Furthermore, the SLA function handles reminders to make sure the SLA times are kept and will not be missed. You can create different SLA agreements for different objects, users, organisations or organisation groups. Reports are easily created and allow you to display how SLA times have been met.

Agreement connections
You can create an unlimited number of SLA agreements and either tie them to objects, users, organisations, the objects or users of the organisations, organisation groups, or the objects of the organisation groups. It therefore makes it easy to connect SLA agreements so that they suit your needs.

Service levels

There are three different service levels, i.e. times to set on an SLA agreement: when the support staff should start working with the ticket, when the customer shall receive an answer and when the ticket is to be closed. These service levels can be set in days, hours and down to minutes.

Connect to priorities
You can also activate the possibility to have different SLA times for different priorities, which lets you have yet another level of accuracy on the SLA agreement. If the ticket receives a higher priority it also gets stricter handling times according to the SLA agreement for that particular customer or object, depending on which type of agreement connection you use in HelpDesk.

The SLA function in HelpDesk allows you to sort the ticket list after the SLA times, which means you have a good overview of the tickets and see in which order they should be handled.

Reminders can be sent by e-mail to the ticket operator, the person in charge of the object, the support group or other people specified in the settings. You set how often reminders should be sent as well as what each reminder message should say. In the ticket list SLA reminders are also shown with icons. The settings are flexible and can be set on any SLA level. You can also decide how much of the SLA time should pass before each reminder.

It is easy to create reports showing if the SLA times have been fulfilled. The statistics can then be shown to customers, in order for them to see how you cope with agreed SLA, or for follow-up of the internal goals for the support organisation.