Meet Jennie, IT-trainer at Artisan Global Media

Jennie Ohlsson

“Invest in your education!”, says Jennie Ohlsson at our support team here in Växjö, Sweden. During a normal day at the office, she gives IT-support and training to our Swedish customers in three of our Artologik software.

What do you do at Artisan?
I educate our Swedish customers in Survey&Report, ProjectManager and TIME. I create instruction videos, write help texts and manuals, give support by email and phone, and I also do various application tests. Sometimes I do consultant jobs, concerning evaluations and surveys.

Why do you think program training is important?
I recommend our customers to invest in an Artisan training. We can show them the best solution according to the requirements of their company or organisation and it is more time efficient to do it right from the beginning. Our applications are easy to use, but with support from us it will be a smoother implementation and you can get started faster.

What is the nicest part of your job?
I get to learn many new things every day! It is fun and I improve my own skills on a continuous basis.

What did you do before you started to work for Artisan?
I was a teacher at an upper secondary school in mathematics and natural sciences and I also have further education in technical communication.

On a personal note, what do you like to do when you are not working at Artisan?
I sing in a choir and I am interested in gardening.

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