Do you need "time eyeglasses"?

Fabian von Schéele

Did you know that the majority of people underestimate how much time they spend on a task? Time leakage is one of the biggest challenges for many organisations today.

At Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden, research has been done on this topic for many years. Dr. Fabian von Schéele, PhD in Computer- and Systems Science, says that they have found that about 76% of people in general underestimate the time needed to perform a task, and that the estimation is about 30% shorter than the actual used time.

According to Mr. von Schéele, their research has shown that two very effective solutions are: to make time registration easy, and to provide your co-workers with “time eyeglasses” by informing and educating them about time. 

At Artisan Global Media we have been working with these solutions since we started in 1995. We provide our customers with software to help track time, for a better understanding of the hours and minutes really used, in comparison to the ones planned. We create simple solutions for a more efficient everyday working environment.

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