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Getting training in a program is a great way to ascertain that you get the most value out of it. That is what Södra, the south Sweden forestry association, found.

They started using the survey tool Artologik Query&Report several years ago. Many new users have been added since then, and thus they wanted to brush up on their knowledge of the program. With a short training session for all program users, they were able to secure continuous optimal use of the survey tool.

Artisan offers training for both administrators and program users. The training sessions can for instance be held when a program is introduced in an organization, or when a new version of the program is released. During user training sessions the instructor alternates between presentations of program functions and practical user exercises. Administrators get help and handy tips and hints about various configurations and program settings.

When course participants are based in different locations, Artisan performs online training sessions. The instructor invites the participants to connect to an online meeting via their web browsers. Through the use of a web conference system, Adobe Connect Pro, an optimal environment for training is created. The instructor shares his screen so that all participants can study the way he works in the program. The participants can see the instructor via a webcam, and they can also communicate via speech and a chat function.

Online training sessions help save both time and our environment!



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