Easy bookings for Ransberg Manor

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More and more organizations discover the advantages of using the Artologik programs as SaaS*. One of these is Ransberg Manor. Their staff now book rooms and beds for all their visitors via their web browser, thanks to EZbooking.

Ransberg Manor is a camp and conference center that is located outside Tibro in central Sweden. The center has four lodging houses with a total of more than one hundred beds and welcomes large numbers of visitors from various organizations every year.

For the administration of all the bookings, Ransberg Manor chose a program that secures that all the information is saved and that no double bookings occur. EZbooking provides the staff with a practical overview of all reservations and ascertains that no booking information is overlooked or forgotten.

Ransberg Manor chose to get the program as SaaS*, thus securing worry-free program use without any need to perform software installations, updates or back-ups. All technical matters are taken care of by the software provider, Artisan, maker of the Artologik series.

EZbooking makes the booking process easier as well as more secure!

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SaaS = Software as a Service