Connect your telephone system to HelpDesk

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Many of our customers want to know if it is possible to make a connection between a telephone system and HelpDesk. The answer is “yes”, if you use a system which supports connecting to an external program. Connecting the telephone system to HelpDesk is easy and makes the support even more efficient.

Under Administration > Application settings > Direct links you find information on how you link to pages within HelpDesk and how you specify each parameter. You can for instance decide that the menu option New ticket will open every time you have an incoming call. If you want the program to make an automatic search for the user from the telephone number, you can also specify that as a parameter.

Now that you have decided on which parameters to use you go to the settings for your telephone system and type the URL you want as target for incoming calls. Confirm and then it is done – you have now connected your telephone system to HelpDesk!

If you want to know more about connecting your telephone system to HelpDesk – or have other questions – please do not hesitate to contact us