Videum Science Park educates all of their tenants in Artologik EZbooking


The Swedish business park Videum now let their tenants in to their booking tool EZbooking and during a week’s time all of the companies residing there are offered a learning session in the program. Around 20 objects – mostly group rooms and conference rooms, but also electric bikes – will consequently be bookable for the 210 users.

After an upgrade to a Global licence an unlimited number of users can now work in Videum’s booking program and with the plug-ins EZ-Order and EZ-Equip they have adjusted the program even further to fit their needs. Thanks to these plug-ins the users can place orders, as for example catering, and book extra equipment when creating their bookings.

“The system is very good”, says Sara Srpcanski from Videum. “The program is user-friendly and gives a good overview. The vibes from the users during the learning sessions have been all positive.”

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