HD-Advanced: Increase efficiency with support groups and delegation

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A thought through work flow could increase your profits! HD-Advanced makes it possible to structure support organisations into different levels using support groups. Between these support groups a delegation order can be established, which in turn increases the support level towards customers whilst at the same time decreasing the work load for the support organisation.

Different support groups can be created based on competences, departments or language. By specifying which support groups each group should be able to delegate to, a delegation chain is established. You can also configure the system so that a ticket ends up directly with a certain support group depending on, for example, the object (ticket type) of the ticket. The improved flow gives you a more flexible ticket handling, which in turn ensures a faster delivery of tickets to those with specific knowledge of the topics – and a more speedily response to the customers.

Apart from support groups and delegating order HD-Advanced offers functions as, for example, SLA and standard tickets. Here you can read more about the plug-in.