HD-Track for an even better support and customer care

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Does your company give product support? Do you know which of your products demand the most support? With HD-Track you can complement HelpDesk with a product directory which lets you track each individual support client’s products and objects. In that way the support staff get a better overview and the service level toward the customers increase.

Products can be connected to objects, organisations or users and can also be connected in various ways. When registering a ticket you specify which product you want to tie to that specific ticket. You can also choose to register the serial number with the product. In the program’s report function you are able to extract data on products or product groups, hence see where the biggest need for support is. This also gives you information on where educational and informational efforts need to be made.

Moreover, HD-Track is a good tool for managing product development since you can see where problems occur and where there is room for improvement.

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