HD-Advanced: Simplify the work by creating Quick cases

200x200_artBox3D_frontRight_Art13_HD.png [26kB png]

Does your support handle tickets which can be closed as soon as they are registered, but that you still want in the system in order to have correct statistical information? By using the function Quick case in Artologik HelpDesk, you make it possible to in a swift way handle this type of tickets and at the same time keep the statistical data intact.

The function Quick case is a part of the plug-in HD-Advanced and this makes it possible to create so called Quick cases, where a large number of the information has been filled out in advance. This means that the support personnel can register and close the ticket in a smooth and fast way.

You can create as many Quick case templates as you like and specify which information you want. Only the fields and the information specified by the administrator will be shown at registration.

As soon as the information has been filled out the ticket can be closed. The accuracy of the statistical information has not been compromised – and the support staff has not had to spend un-necessary time on the ticket.  

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