Meet Slavica Stjepanovic, support team member at Artisan Global Media

Slavica Stjepanovic

Slavica Stjepanovic works with technical support here at the office in Växjö. “Progress gives me energy and inspiration!”, she says.

1. What do you do at Artisan?
I work with technical support for all of our Artologik software, everything that has to do with installation and configuration, from e-mail to system requirements.  I also give support on connections between our products and other systems. 

2. What is the best part of your job?
I learn new things all the time! Technology does not stand still, it is constantly evolving. I also enjoy the feedback we receive from customers, who are happy with the solution we have provided them with.

3. What did you do before you started at Artisan? 
I studied computer engineering in Serbia, former Yugoslavia, and graduated in February, 1992. Unfortunately, the civil war started in April 1992, so we fled and came to Sweden. I worked as a programmer and system developer in Stockholm for a few years and started at Artisan in Växjö in 1997.

4. How can the support team at Artisan help customers save time? 
All of the Artologik software have a wide span of possibilities for how the products can be used, with for example in depth-statistics, e-mails etc. My role is to step in and solve any technical issues, should there be any, and in that way facilitate and save time. Customers can also purchase extra help from our educational team, and customize a solution.

5. What do you do in your spare time?
I like outdoor activities, such as going for walks and gardening, both potted plants as well as flowers in my garden. I also enjoy interior design and remodeling. Progress gives me energy and inspiration!