Clinact manages its worked TIME per project

Clinact manages its worked TIME per project

CLINACT, leader on the French market for Clinical Research services (C.R.O.), has been using Artologik TIME for time registration and reporting since March 2007. Doctor Sorba, President of CLINACT, unveils everything to us:

 - Every day, our teams working in multi-project mode, which represents approximately 40 people, register all their worked time in Artologik TIME. Internal as much as external (related to customers) projects are integrated in the application, in order to control our time management and justify our worked time to our customers.


Thanks to TIME, CLINACT sensitizes their employees and customers to the weight of each performed task. The various user levels on projects are also taken into consideration in the software and allow a constant analysis of the time lags and slips.


To the question "Why did CLINACT choose Artologik TIME?" Doctor Sorba answers: "For its simplicity of utilization!" The TIME Administrator, Mrs. Nathalie Le Roux, assistant to Doctor Sorba, confirms: "I love your product!”


- The work of the Administrator is quite complex, since ad hoc reports must be compiled, Mrs. Le Roux continues. But we train new users within 15 minutes and they usually think the software is very simple as well as practical for registering their time on all of their projects.


In addition to the standard version, Artologik TIME has two optional modules which make it easy to add new functions:


TIME-LDAP: provides a connection between your LDAP server for a single administration of the users
TIME-Flex: allows for flexible hours registration and follow-up



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