Save time with HelpDesk as a SaaS

TVG Verlag

“Our HelpDesk users are very satisfied with the support software. It is easy to use and gives a great overview over the tickets, so you can’t forget a ticket anymore!” says Mr. Stefan Schnupp, Project Manager and responsible for HelpDesk processes at German publisher TVG .

TVG is the publishing company responsible for the publication of the phone books of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and several smaller cities. Since 2006, the company has used Artologik HelpDesk as a SaaS*. This means that they rent the program and have access to it over the internet.


Having the program as a SaaS is convenient and saves a lot of time for TVG. They do not need to care about installations, updates or any other technical issues since the software is installed on the SaaS provider, Artisan’s, servers. “We also really like that you can register a ticket in HelpDesk in several different ways," continues Mr. Schnupp. "Either the customers log in as guests and register their tickets themselves or someone in the support team does it for them." 


TVG uses the HelpDesk data to keep track of support records for both products and customers. Although they have outsourced their support services to an external service center, they chose to rent the software themselves. TVG now provides the service center with the software, and they still stay in control of all the data that is collected in the software. 


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*SaaS - Software as a Service