“EZbooking offers us everything we need“

Bremer Heimstiftung

“The booking software Artologik EZbooking is user-friendly, reliable and offers us a perfect overview over all of our bookings. At the same time, it contains all of the functions that we were searching for but could not find in other programs“, explains Mrs. Czermack from the Bildungszentrum der Bremer Heimstiftung, a German educational center.

The educational center has been renting Artologik EZbooking for more than a year, and says that it works “reliably and absolutely without any trouble”. They use EZbooking for managing room reservations for their numerous different courses.


For them, EZbooking provides an ideal overview of reservations and available rooms, thus reducing the daily administration effort many times over. Thanks to the web-based software, employees of the educational center are able to make bookings at anytime and from any computer connected to the internet – not only for themselves, but also for colleagues and external customers using their rooms.


To customize the program to the internal booking processes, the educational center is using some of the plug-ins available for EZbooking. They are especially satisfied with the EZ-Order plug-in, which offers a “wonderful overview”, Mrs. Czermack points out. With EZ-Order they have the possibility to order items or services, e.g. catering services, when creating a booking. They also use it as a basis for invoicing. Another additional function used by the educational center is the EZ-Equip plug-in which enables them to reserve extra equipment, e.g. a computer or beamer, with a room reservation.


At Artisan, ideas and suggestions from customers are always welcome and we are constantly working on improving our software by working together with them – something Mrs. Czermack can only confirm. The opinion of the educational center is that not only are the Artisan products convincing, but also the quality of the customer service and information materials offered. “The support offered by Artisan is customer-friendly and competent – a huge contrast to what we experienced with other companies,” concludes Mrs. Czermack.