The Kronoberg region uses the complete EZbooking package

Landstinget Kronoberg

After using a smaller EZbooking license several years, the Kronoberg region now upgraded to a Global license without user or object limitations.

The Kronoberg region employees are able to book all bookable meeting rooms and resources in the regions buildings in Växjö and Ljungby, and 50 cars, via EZbooking on their intranet. The users have different access rights, since the administrators wants to control who is allowed to book which objects.


Kronoberg region is also using the additional functions of the plug-ins: EZ-Order for ordering coffee etc. to a booking, EZ-visit for registering visitors, EZ-Equip for connecting portable equipment, such as a laptop, to a booking, and EZ-LDAP to automatically update the user information from the central user database. Kronoberg region has also ordered some minor adaptations in the program to adjust it to their way of working.


After using EZbooking in a larger scale for a while, the users from Kronoberg region confirms that the program is very stable and easy to use - almost no users contact the IT-support regarding EZbooking, which is remarkable considering the large amount of users and bookings. All users understand how to make a booking and it works - all the time.


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