The French Federation of Disability Sports: Survey&Report made it possible for all of our members to make their voices heard

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When the French Federation of Disability Sports (FFH) started to look for a survey tool many different products were tested. But it turned out only one tool supported voice synthesis – artificial speech created by computers – and that was Artologik Survey&Report.

The FFH is a large organization with 1 079 clubs and 111 regional associations. In order to learn about the members’ thoughts and ideas on the future of the FFH they decided to do a survey. And the survey tool they chose was Artologik Survey&Report.

“We wanted to find a program which made the surveys available for all of our members”, says Bernard Courbariaux, president of the Observatoire Du Handicap, a department within the FFH. “Many survey tools claimed to be suitable for disabled, but did not support voice synthesis – which is a condition if the visually impaired is going to be able to take part. This, however, did Artologik Survey&Report do.”

Artologik Survey&Report is a web based survey tool which is developed and sold by Artisan Global Media.

“Working with a web based survey tool was important to us, since the internet is the most common mean of communication for people with a disability”, says Bernard Courbariaux. “Now, when the survey is closed, we can see that the response frequency widely exceeded our expectations and I would say the availability of the survey is the key to its success. We are very pleased!”

“All of the Artologik products meet the demands of WCAG 2.0”, says Sören Strömberg, CEO at Artisan Global Media. “Making our programs available for everybody is important to us, and this shows they actually are – not just on paper, but in reality.”

WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) aims to make the web and its content available to all, regardless of disability. You can read more about the guidelines at the W3C web page