HelpDesk: Save time with flexible ticket forms


Artologik HelpDesk gives you the possibility to create specific ticket forms with standard responses and questions especially created to suit the individual objects. This allows for a large part of the information to be collected at registration, which in turn facilitates and saves time for the support.

By collecting as much information as possible about the ticket during registration, the work of the support staff can become more efficient. The ticket forms can be made unique for each object handled by the support and contain questions specifying the issue even further. The number of questions in the different registration forms is unlimited.

Apart from object specific questions, standard responses can be connected to the different objects. These responses can then be used in the solution field, under actions and in the e-mails sent by the support to the person which the ticket was registered for. Files can also be attached to these responses, if needed.

Here you find further information on how you can work with Artologik HelpDesk