EZ-Keys – a success story for the Zürich police department

Kantonspolizei Zürich

Since 2011 ‘Kantonspolizei Zürich’ - the police in Zürich, Switzerland - has successfully been using EZbooking as their internal scheduling tool in many areas, one of these is their vehicle fleet.

Four years ago they decided to also simplify the administration of keys and therefore commissioned Artisan to develop an integration between EZbooking and the key cabinet ‘Keybox’. The result is the EZbooking plugin EZ-Keys. Mr. Peter Marti, responsible for EZbooking within the Kantonspolizei, explains how EZbooking is used together with EZ-Keys:

‘If an employee needs e.g. a station wagon, he or she can search for and book an appropriate vehicle from any computer or smartphone. The system then generates an email with a PIN code for the corresponding key in the key cabinet. After the journey the user puts the key back into the cabinet.’

When a key is returned too late the system automatically sends a reminder to the user who has the key. It also sends an email with information about the delay to the subsequent user. In addition, administrators can review logs to see when a key was picked up and returned, and by what user.

Mr. Marti is very happy with the result: ‘EZbooking gives us a very stable running resource tool that covers the most various needs in a simple way. We are very happy with Artisan’s offer and service.’

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