Nordic Business Institute evaluate with Query&Report

Nordic Business Institute is a career development company with more than 20 years' experience, and they have just chosen Artologik Query&Report to make their course evaluation procedure more effective.

Query&Report is Artologik's program designed to create online surveys quickly and simply. The program makes it possible to distribute the survey rapidly via e-mail, with responses being collected and results compiled in the same easy to use tool.

Answers are automatically compiled and the editable report templates make it easy to decide how the results will be presented. Query&Report is web-based so there is no need to install the program on separate workstations, and surveys can be accessed and edited from anywhere in the world - all that is required is an internet connection.

Nordic Business Institute will use Query&Report to evaluate their courses. Each student or user will receive a link to the survey, and the program makes it possible to see who has replied to a survey and to remind those who have not yet done so. In this way it is possible to achieve near 100% response rates.

Nordic Business Institute write on their website (in Swedish) that Query&Report will enable both the company and students to save time.

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