Make Artologik HelpDesk available on your web site with the help of web services


The ticket handling system HelpDesk is designed to collect information via web services. The German company "Dienstplanauswertung" uses these web services to integrate HelpDesk on its web site. The programming for the integration of HelpDesk into the web page could be done by the company itself.

Dienstplanauswertung has many airlines, such as Lufthansa, as customers. They specialize in the evaluation of the work schedules that the tax return is based on.

On their website, they have a support form to be filled in by their customers. When the information is submitted, a new ticket is automatically created in HelpDesk without the customers entering the software and the support staff needing to generate tickets out of customer enquiries.



Screenshot of Dienstplanauswertung's web form


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