EZbooking simplifies bookings at the public prosecution offices in Stockholm

Åklagarmyndighetens logotype

The public prosecution offices in Stockholm has chosen Artologik EZbooking to facilitate the booking of prosecutors for different trials.

At City Public Prosecution Office, Stockholm a smooth and simple booking system was missing. EZbooking was an interesting alternative, because they knew that The Swedish Economic Crime Authority had been using EZbooking for their internal resources for a long time.

The public prosecution office then chose to contact Artisan about the possibilities of EZbooking. On a trial site they could test the software at their own pace. After the testing they decided to order EZbooking as well as adaptations to make the booking system fit even better their own ways of working.

With the adaptations that Artisan made, EZbooking will now simplify the work for the resource planners at the public prosecution offices in Stockholm.

Visit the website of Swedish Prosecution Authority here

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