A visit to the Belgian government

Belgian Government1

Recently two representatives from Artisan visited the Belgian government to do a follow-up on their use of HelpDesk.

During the first day they met with the government official responsible for ICT (Information & Communication Technology) and Mr Dominique Lannoy from ITnova, a partner to the government in IT matters. Together they installed an upgraded version of HelpDesk and talked about future developments of the programme. They also discussed how to connect the government’s existing wiki* with HelpDesk via the programme’s Web Services** interfaces.


On the next day, the government’s HelpDesk administrators completed a full-day training which had been designed specifically to suit their needs. Since 2005, HelpDesk has been updated several times, there are now 60-70 more users than from the start, and the support structure has become more complex. The training therefore consisted of two parts: a general run-through of HelpDesk as well as its new functions and then a deeper insight into the government's specific work so we could help them configure the software to their needs.


The Belgian government invested in the plug-in HD-Advanced which, among other things, allows for the creation of delegation lines on as many levels as necessary. During the training day the Artisan representatives helped the government draw up a framework for delegating cases in the programme. This was designed with the government’s own complex support structure in mind.


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* A wiki is a virtual encyclopedia where the users themselves can add or edit information. It is a searchable knowledge database where all the users’ experiences are collected and shared.


** A Web Service is primarily used for exchanging information between systems, (here: between HelpDesk and an internal wiki). This takes place through a service that is saved on a web server.