Borago uses EZbooking as a SaaS

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Swedish market leader in cleaning services courses, Borago AB, rents EZbooking so that they can concentrate on their core business rather than on servers and computers.

Borago were searching for an administrative tool for scheduling their courses when they found EZbooking, a simple tool for the reservation of shared resources. They now use EZbooking for planning all their course dates and assigning courses to available instructors.

The program gives an overview of all bookings, making it simple for the education planner to see at what times instructors are available. Being web-based, the program also allows for instructors to connect to it wherever they are. They are able to update course information, view changes to the bookings and see the current location of their colleagues.


Borago chose to get EZbooking as a SaaS* since they do not own a Windows web server. This means that they do not have to worry about installations, updates and other technical issues. All of that is taken care of by the service provider, Artisan, maker of the Artologik series.


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*SaaS - Software as a Service