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Swedish company Asitis is the latest organization to improve their trouble ticketing processes with Artologik HelpDesk. They now handle all their support tickets in the program which they access via their ordinary web browsers.

Asitis AB has chosen Artologik HelpDesk to implement efficient customer support management for the company’s software packages. Asitis operate in the field of systems and business development for organizations in the finance and service sectors and they have now decided to increase the efficiency of their support processes with a program for simple and effective trouble ticketing online.

To adapt the helpdesk software to their specific needs, Asitis chose to invest in the plug-ins HD-Advanced and HD-TIME, as well as the time registration software Artologik TIME. HD-Advanced allows Asitis to, among other things, handle SLAs (Service Level Agreement) in their HelpDesk. This means that they can customize the program to ensure that all issues will be handled in predetermined time frames, eg. How much time can pass before different customers receive a response to their ticket. They can also later review whether or not they meet these set standards.

HD-TIME, together with Artologik TIME, provides the possibility to register time spent on each ticket and then generate time reports.

Artologik HelpDesk makes it easy for Asitis to provide their customers with fast support and with Artologik TIME they now have a simple tool for evaluating and improving their processes in the future.


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