Polygon steps up the support with HelpDesk

HelpDesk CD package

Polygon Communications have invested in Artologik HelpDesk to improve the company’s support processes.

Polygon develops and sells complete IT solutions for businesses in the retail industry, specializing in companies in the sports, shoes and clothing section. They have around 200 customers across Sweden and Norway using the IT system in their shops and they decided to invest in HelpDesk in order to centralize and manage their support functions more easily.

Polygon decided to add the plug-in HD-Advanced to their license, in order to manage customer organizations on several levels. They also chose to conduct a one day training together with Artisan when the program was implemented. This ensured that all the people who are to use the program have a working knowledge about it, and the implementation process was quick and efficient.

Read more about HelpDesk and the plug-ins.


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