Maintenance Services

Artisan offer customers who purchase development projects the opportunity to sign a Maintenance Services Agreement. The aim of the maintenance services offer is: 

  • Secure and stable applications 
  • High availability                                               
  • Fast adjustments based on business needs 
  • Assurance of competence and experience in project 
  • Further developments

During the last 15 years Artisan have built a support organisation with the purpose to both provide support for our Artologik products, and provide support for customers with maintenance services agreements for special projects. By coordinating this support, we can provide high quality services.

The maintenance services provide both technical support and management. Support is offered by Artisan's own Service Desk, where qualified staff handle all customer incidents and problems. The Service Desk is available during normal office hours 08.00-16.00 (CET). During busy times it is possible to extend the opening hours. Support is provided in both English and Swedish.

Maintenance services mean that Artisan handle adjustments and further developments in an active and structured way, through processes. We create and supervise processes for controlling and maintaining the system configuration. This is so that, for example, we are able to restore the system as quickly as possible after a crash, or so that we can give you a quick answer on how a change in the configuration affects the system. In order to manage system changes in a structured and disciplined manner, we are working in accordance with our consulting processes. Then we can ensure that all the requested changes are handled in the same manner and that the right people assess whether changes should be implemented.

For our customers, the services mean cost savings since it secures access to the application. The customer gets a comprehensive approach to its technical support, user support, configuration and customizations of the system. Allowing Artisan to handle the maintenance services gives you many advantages. The customer has complete control of programme access, quality and cost. The availability of applications increases and you can set free resources, both human resources and capital.

When a project gets approval for shipment, a maintenance and management contract is also signed.