Examples of consultancy projects

Our project portfolio is well stocked after more than 15 years in the industry. Some projects that are worth mentioning are:


Artisan have developed a web-based system for handling forms such as purchase forms, requisition forms, purchase suggestions, travel orders, inventory forms and consultant forms. The system includes certification functions and a flow function where users with different roles are given different rights. The solution includes:
  • Admission System
  • Certification function, including forms for application for certification rights
  • Administration
  • Search tools adjusted according to the organisation's wishes

To make purchasing easier a function is linked to a form system that is structured as a Web shop. There you can order products and also set out a person to certify the order. During the certification the necessary forms are created automatically. The paperwork thus disappears completely and the process of purchasing new products is greatly simplified.

Product configuration

Does your company have many products that are similar? Are the products adapted according to your customer needs and wants, so that the customer is required to provide information in order to get the right product?

A product configurator lets customers specify the areas in which the product is to be used and to describe the external factors that determine which product suits them best. A configurator then saves all the information the customer provides and automatically shows the products that suits the kind of use the client intended. It automatically chooses one product that is particularly suitable and shows the price of it. The customers can then obtain drawings and specifications for that product. They can also view the other products that the configurator found that also met the requirements, and select one of them instead.


SALSA stands for "Skolverkets Arbetsverktyg för Lokala Sambandsanalyser" (The School Board's Work Tools for Local Correlation Analysis). It is a tool that calculates and analyses the municipalities' and schools' total rating for marks and also takes into account certain background factors.

The aim of SALSA is to highlight the factors underlying the rating results. The tool provides information as well as data for analysis and discussion of the different conditions for municipalities and schools. The solution takes into account background factors such as parents' education level, the percentage of pupils with foreign background and gender balance in schools and municipalities. The tool makes a statistical comparison between schools and communities in aspects of "percentage of pupils who achieved the objectives" and "average merit-value". In addition to comparing schools and communities it can also be used to compare current statistics with the past and see how the average marks have changed in the respective schools and municipalities.

Many more projects

This is only a small number of the solutions we have developed. If you're curious - just ask - we have many more projects to tell you about.